I’ve become a bit more aware and every time I work on a song or an album, I’m more intentional because I know my kids are going to listen to my music. So, I want to make sure I always have inspiring songs that can really touch them deeply.

Does that mean you make music for your kids now?

Yes, in part. My son sings my songs at home… All my children love my music and it’s a blessing for me. It is the greatest blessing there is.

Do you take them to the studio?

It’s happened once or twice, but I don’t want to force them. Whether they want to make music later or not, I will always support them.

Jacket, pants, and t-shirt, by Balmain. Shoes, his own. 

Let’s talk about your latest album: More Love, Less Ego. Where did the title come from?

From me, but it is above all a conversation with the rest of the world. I feel like right now we need a lot of love to move forward. It is through this message that I intend to share my happiness with people.

It took you two years to finish it. What did you learn about yourself during the process?

I learned to accept the ups and the downs, to live the moments of happiness and the periods of sadness in an equal way because all that is part of life. It’s yin and yang.

Has your process changed since your earlier albums?

Artistically, I’ve learned to be more patient with myself, but it hasn’t really changed.

What is the first step when you begin working on a new album?

I always start from the title. When I know what I want to call the album and what I want to say, I start creating the music. And most of the time when I’m working on an album, there’s a moment when I let it go. I leave it for a moment. The most important thing is to be intentional. For Made in Lagos for example, I wanted people to know where I come from and who I am. With More Love, Less Ego, I want to share a message of love that will make people vibrate. Love should be the greatest religion in the world. I believe that we can love, for real. So, my message is love one another and take care of your neighbor.

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