Thunivu box office collections; Ajith Kumar starrer has a Very Good growth on Saturday

Thunivu recorded very good growth in collections on Saturday, grossing Rs. 13.50 crores in India. That represents a growth of 35 per cent from Friday, with the best growth coming in Tamil Nadu at 40 per cent. The four days box office collections for the film stand at Rs. 63 crores in India, with the five-day extended weekend expected to reach around Rs. 78 crores. 

The film collected Rs. 11.25 crores approx in Tamil Nadu yesterday, taking its total to nearly Rs. 49 crores in the state. The film held well in the pre-holiday period and has managed to get up with the holiday period now starting. The official holiday period will last till Tuesday but there will remain some post-holiday boost in some regions for a few more days. By Tuesday, the film will likely reach around Rs. 80 crores in Tamil Nadu.

The box office collections of Thunivu at the Indian box office are as follows:

Wednesday – Rs. 28.50 crores

Thursday – Rs. 11 crores

Friday – Rs. 10 crores

Saturday – Rs. 13.50 crores

Total – Rs. 63 crores

Thunivu may not emerge a bigger grosser than Varisu but is in a better position financially speaking given the reasonable costs involved. Still, it needs to be seen how it holds after the holiday period, as ultimately that will determine where the film ends up. 

Outside Tamil Nadu, the film has done well in Karnataka with Rs. 7.25 crores in four days, giving a strong fight to Varisu. Elsewhere, the film dropped after the first day which itself was very low.

The territorial breakdown for the two days box office collections of Thunivu in India is as follows:

Tamil Nadu – Rs. 48.75 crores

Karnataka – Rs. 7.25 crores

Kerala – Rs. 3.10 crores

AP/TS – Rs. 3 crores

Rest of India – Rs. 0.90 crores

Total – Rs. 63 crores

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