Sneak Inside GQ’s Wildest Paris Fashion Week Party Yet

A couple days after the GQ team landed in Paris for the Fall-Winter 2023 men’s shows, we sent out the Bat Signal: L’Avenue. Friday night. 10:00 pm. If you got the text, you knew exactly what it meant: the GQ Paris party, our bi-annual celebration of the community that makes menswear the most exciting thing in fashion, was back. And just about everybody in town—and there are a lot of GQ friends and family in town—answered the call. As DJ Honey and Zack Bia got the dance floor thumping, the all star crew pulled up: chart-toppers like Usher, Pusha T, and Lil Baby; designers like Nicholas Daley, Bianca Saunders, and Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena; actors like Danny Ramirez, Alton Mason, and Luna Blaise; fashion week superheroes like Tyrone Dylan and Raul Lopez; the list goes on. This kind of week in Paris, it feels like anything can happen, a sensation that was born out when Usher grabbed a mic to pop off an impromptu set in the wee hours of the morning. Keep scrolling to see how it all went down for yourself.

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