Seth Rogen Accessorized His Great Outfit With Yet Another Great Outfit

Seth Rogen’s streak of stellar low-key fits has earned the semi-professional ceramicist several nods here at GQ, including a cover and a spot on the short list of our Most Stylish Men of 2022. In the new year, we’re relieved to report, Rogen shows no sign of taking his slip-on-shod foot off the proverbial gas. 

Outside the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, the multi-talented Tinseltowner was snapped sporting not one, but two (2) extremely emulatable outfits. A galaxy brain style move, or some sort of homage to Joey’s oft-memed Friends getup? Not exactly. One outfit dangled tantalizingly in pieces in Rogen’s hand, clearly a swap for what he eventually wore on air—a heavyweight white tee, sharp double-breasted suit, and slick black derbies. (Who, after all, wants to show up to an interview on national TV in sweaty, wrinkly clothing?) His outfit-outfit, however, is the one that really caught our eye—largely because of how in line it is with Rogen’s entire sartorial MO recently. 

Universal Works brushed wool-blend cardigan

Birkenstock Boston shearling clog

It’s a formula that’s served the actor well in the past: a textural cardigan from the quiet menswear heads at Universal Works, slouchy drawstring trousers, and quirky slip-ons—in this case, Birkenstock’s shearling-lined Boston clogs—all filtered through a cold weather-ready monochromatic lens. It’s the kind of look that encapsulates the wave of very chill normal guy fits celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and sometimes, Pete Davidson, have been wearing lately: interesting enough to garner a few double takes, but not so heady that they make the average fellas following along at home roll their eyes. Rogen is putting his own artful spin on it, and it’d behoove you to as well. Why not plan a backup fit to schlep around while you’re at it?

L.L.Bean stretch country corduroy pants

Lady White Co. lite jersey T-shirt

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