RHODC’s Catherine Ommanney recalls sharing a ‘passionate kiss’ with Prince Harry during alleged 2006 affair

Prince Harry allegedly had a one-month-long fling with Real Housewives of DC star Catherine Ommanney when he was 21 and she was 34 in 2006. Ommaney recently spoke to The Sun as she revealed details about their alleged affair. The reality TV star opened up meeting Prince Harry in 2006 through mutual friends and revealed how they got talking.

Amid Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Spare which has been the talking point since it was first confirmed, Catherine Ommanney spoke about the same telling The Sun how her story would be included in his book. She said, “I doubt I will be in Harry’s book, as a prince can’t run off with a 34-year-old mother of two. It’s just not the done thing.” 

 Ommanney on first meeting with Prince Harry 

In her interview with The Sun, the Real Housewives alum revealed details about how the two met and their first interactions with each other as well. She said, “Harry was wearing an Australian-style hat that made me laugh, so I asked him, ‘What are you doing looking like a t–t in that?.'” She further claimed, “I don’t think he was used to people taking the mickey, and once we started talking, it was like there was no one else was in the room.”

Prince Harry’s ‘passionate kiss’ 

Ommanney further claimed that the duo after getting introduced to each other at the bar-headed to a friend’s place where the Duke of Sussex who was 21 at the time made a bacon sandwich for her. The reality TV star further said, “We started play fighting and I think we were wrestling on and off for about 15 minutes when I told him I needed to go home.” She further spoke about the alleged encounter and added, “It was then that he lifted me by my waist off the floor and held me against the wall. He gave me the most incredible, passionate kiss I have ever had in my life.” 

As for Prince Harry’s previous affairs, the Duke’s on-again and off-again relationship with Chelsey Davy was widely covered at the time. The duo reportedly dated for seven years, from 2004 to 2011.

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