Pathaan Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan film creates 75 major records across the globe in its opening weekend

Pathaan is on a record-breaking spree at the box office across the globe. Through it’s three day run, the movie already has several records under its name and in the days to come by, there is a strong possibility for every major Bollywood record globally to be under the name of one man, that is Shah Rukh Khan. Pathaan is headed to close its opening weekend in India with collections in the range of Rs 163 crore, whereas the overseas weekend is headed to be in the north of $12.5 million as per industry estimates.

Pathaan set to hit a triple century in 3 days

With this, the global opening weekend of this Siddharth Anand directed actioner, also starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, would fall in the vicinity of Rs 300 crore gross. As far as Bollywood films are concerned, Pathaan has scored the biggest opening weekend of all time in India, as also the biggest worldwide opening weekend of all time. The biggest overseas weekend will also fall in Pathaan’s kitty. Through its 3-day run, Pathaan has almost every major weekend record under it’s kitty, and this count of records will keep growing over the next two days.

Pathaan is headed towards an extended opening weekend in the north of Rs 240 crore in India, and an international 5-day total around the $20 million (INR 165 crore).  With a Rs 35 crore plus Friday, it is safe to conclude that Pathaan will emerge an all-time grosser for Hindi Cinema and also the first Rs 400 crore film for Bollywood. From 1993 to 2023, a lot of things have changed, but the stardom of Shah Rukh Khan has not just stayed intact but grew from strength to strength. The YRF film has not just scored records across the globe, but also played a major role in bringing in the joys on the face of exhibitors, who were struggling to get the audience on board in the post pandemic world.

Pathaan set to sell over 1 crore tickets in less than 4 days

The 3 days footfalls of Pathaan are in the 90-lakh range and this SRK film will hit 1 crore footfall number post the early morning shows on Saturday. Pathaan is a historic blockbuster, and all that we need to see now is how far it goes in it’s long run. Rarely there comes a film which creates records of unheard proportions not just in India but also in the international belts, and it had to be a Shah Rukh Khan film to do this sort of number in overseas market. In the long run, Pathaan will be the highest grossing bollywood film of all time in overseas belt and probably also set a lifetime record in every country. And well, this is just the beginning of something big.

Here’s a look at 75 records created by Pathaan for a Bollywood Film:

  1. Biggest Non-Holiday Opening of All Time
  2. Biggest Opening Day of All Time
  3. Biggest Single Day of All Time
  4. Biggest Second Day of All Time
  5. Biggest Holiday Collection of All Time
  6. First Film to do Rs 50 crore on two consecutive days
  7. First Film to do Rs 60 crore in single day
  8. First Film to do Rs 65 crore in a single day
  9. First Film to do Rs 70 crore in single day
  10. First Film to enter Rs 100 crore in 2 days
  11. Fastest Film to enter Rs 100 crore
  12. Biggest Opening weekend
  13. First film clock opening weekend of Rs 150 crore
  14. Fastest Film to enter Rs 150 crore
  15. Sets the biggest day record in every circuit of India except East Punjab
  16. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 1 crore day in Kerala
  17. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 4 crore day in West Bengal
  18. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 1 crore day in Assam
  19. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 1 crore day in Odisha
  20. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 5 crore day in Andhra Pradesh & Nizam (Hindi)
  21. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 2 crore day in Bihar
  22. First Bollywood film to score a Rs 2 crore day in Central India
  23. Biggest single day total in PVR
  24. Biggest single day total in Inox
  25. Biggest single day total in Cinepolis
  26. Biggest single day total in the national multiplex chains
  27. Biggest Opening Day in Overseas
  28. Biggest Single Day in Overseas
  29. Biggest Opening Weekend in Overseas
  30. First film to score $4 million plus opening day in Overseas
  31. First film to clock worldwide opening of Rs 100 crore
  32. Fastest to Hit Rs 100 crore at the worldwide box office
  33. First Film to score Rs 100 crore worldwide on two consecutive days
  34. Fastest to hit Rs 200 crore at worldwide box office
  35. Fastest to hit Rs 250 crore at worldwide box office
  36. Fastest to hit Rs 300 crore at the worldwide box office
  37. Biggest Worldwide Opening Day
  38. Biggest Worldwide Weekend
  39. Biggest Worldwide Single Day
  40. Biggest Worldwide Second Day
  41. First Indian Film to top North America Box Office
  42. First Indian Film to reach Germany Top 2 Box Office
  43. Biggest opener for Indian Cinema in Saudi Arabia
  44. Biggest 3 days for Indian Cinema in Saudi Arabia
  45. First Indian Film to top Saudi Arabia Box Office
  46. Biggest Opening Day in UAE-GCC
  47. Biggest 3-day weekend in UAE-GCC
  48. Biggest Opening Day in Australia
  49. Biggest Single Day in Australia
  50. Biggest 3-day weekend in Australia
  51. Biggest Opening Day in Germany
  52. Biggest Single Day in Germany
  53. Biggest Opening Weekend in Germany
  54. Biggest Grosser of All Time in Germany
  55. Biggest Opening Day in UK
  56. Biggest Single Day in UK
  57. Biggest 3-day weekend in UK
  58. First Indian Film to top UK Box Office
  59. Biggest 3-day weekend in USA
  60. Biggest Opening Day in Malaysia
  61. Biggest Opening Weekend in Malaysia
  62. Biggest Opening Day in New Zealand
  63. Biggest 3-day weekend in New Zealand
  64. Biggest Opening Day in Ireland
  65. Biggest 3-day weekend in Ireland
  66. Biggest Opening Day in Russia
  67. Biggest 3-day weekend in Russia
  68. Biggest Opening Day in Sweden
  69. Biggest 3-day weekend in Sweden
  70. Biggest Opening Day in Nepal
  71. Biggest 3-day weekend in Nepal
  72. Biggest Opening Day in Finland
  73. Biggest 3-day weekend in Finland
  74. Biggest Opening Day in CIS (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine)
  75. Biggest 3-day weekend in CIS

Note: There might be some more records created by Pathaan in India and Overseas, and we might have missed them due to lack of clarity on exact data points. But it’s safe to say that all the major weekend records now rest with Pathaan.

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