Jenelle Evans Shades Chelsea Houska’s HGTV: Who the Hell Would Want to Flip Houses For a Living?!

Jenelle Evans has long felt as though she’s in some sort of competition against Chelsea Houska.

And we probably don’t need to tell you that that’s one of the most lopsided rivalries in history.

It’s like a semi-pro benchwarmer measuring himself against Tom Brady or Nickelback comparing themselves to the Beatles.

In case you haven’t keeping up with the former Teen Mom stars in recent years, enjoy this brief refresher on the ways in which their lives have gone in completely divergent directions:

Thanks to her new show Down Home Fab, which she cohosts with husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea is HGTV’s current breakout star.

The show is such a hit that after just two episodes, Chelsea and Cole have already been renewed for another season.

We’ve known for quite some time that the DeBoers are popular, but we don’t think anyone expected them to explode onto the home renovation scene quite the way they have.

Chelsea Houska In Napa
Chelsea Houska has been living her best life lately. And apparently, a lot of her fans have a problem with that.

And then there’s Jenelle …

While Chelsea quit Teen Mom 2 in order to move on to bigger and better things, Jenelle was fired from the show amid allegations of child neglect, animal abuse, addiction, domestic violence, bigotry …

Name any sort of bad behavior, and you can be pretty certain that Jenelle and her husband David Eason have ran it into the ground.

Jenelle Evans and David Evans have remained together through thick, thin and abuse allegations.

These days, Jenelle earns her living posting OnlyFans content, and while there’s nothing wrong with sex work, she’d probably prefer to be starring on a wildly successful HGTV series.

Anyway, it’s not hard to see why Evans’ former co-star might be on her mind a lot these days.

Recently, Teen Mom numerous fans have spoken at length about Jenelle’s fixation with Chelsea.

(Some have called it an obsession, but we’re trying to be as objective as possible here.)

Jenelle Evans really went as Chelsea Houska for Halloween. (Photo via Instagram)

The situation seemed to come to a head when Jenelle (allegedly) dressed up as Chelsea for Halloween last year.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that she decided to rock a wide brim hat, clear-framed glasses and a graphic tee that day, but since Jenelle never corrected the people who speculated that she was cosplaying as Chelsea, it’s safe to assume that’s what she was doing.

Anyway, Jenelle started Chelsea-posting again on Thursday, and this time, the envy was more apparent than ever.

“Maybe JUST MAYBE I don’t want to be on tv right now but here you go again talking about me,” Jenelle tweeted at The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“You love meeeeee! I’m happy for Chelsea. Personally I would hate to flip houses for a living. More power to her!”

Several fans were quick to point out that there’s video of Jenelle talking about how much she would love to flip houses for a living.

Jenelle Evans Complains
Jenelle Evans is not happy that she was left out of the cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. And she’s making it everyone’s problem by lashing out at the cast members who did appear on the show. (Photo via Instagram)

Not that it really matters, as Chelsea and Cole are hosting a home renovation show, which is a different line of work entirely.

“They’re not flipping them, they’re redecorating,” one person tweeted.

“Okay don’t come for Chelsea …… I’m sure she is glad she didn’t end up like you,” another pointed out.

“No one’s coming for her, calm down,” Evans shot back

“Oh idk , I’m always watching HBOMax or Netflix or YouTube,” Jenelle replied in response to the observation that she’s way off about the nature of Chelsea’s career.

Another user accused Jenelle of name-searching herself, tweeting:

“Idk, you seeking out people using gifs of yourself seems like you’re jealous. You weren’t even tagged or tweeted at.”

Jenelle Evans in TikTok Video
Jenelle Evans reacts here on TikTok to losing out on a supposedly major endorsement deal.

“Nah, I have people that send me stuff as soon as some BS is posted,” Evans replied.

From there, Jenelle launched into an origin story about feud with Chelsea.

Using a screenshot from The Hollywood Gossip, she explained that she’s still angry about a 2018 tweet from Chelsea’s dentist father in which he speculated about the state of her oral health.

“He’s never seen my mouth in real life btw I’ve never had any missing teeth … but since he’s a dentist then I’m wrong I guess,” Evans ranted/

“Now that I don’t have an overbite and I have 1 month left for Invisalign… my jaw problems are virtually GONE. Thanks to me, not some random dentist online,” she continued.

We won’t weigh in on the missing teeth matter, but it’s safe to say that Chelsea is at the forefront of Jenelle’s mind these days.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead
Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media. (Photo via Instagram)

She says she hasn’t watched Chelsea’s show, but we think she should give it a chance!

After all, if you’re gonna obsess over someone, you might as well do it right and well stay up on their latest content!

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