Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals He Broke Both of His Feet on ‘The Walking Dead’ Set

Jeffrey Dean Morgan suffered a few injuries on the set of The Walking Dead while filming its final season.

The 56-year-old actor, who played Negan in the series and will soon have a spinoff with Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie, shared the details of the fractures he sustained.

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Jeffrey told fans in March that he had broken one of his feet “ages ago” while working on the series.

“Just didn’t want to go to hospital and risk covid. Finally went…yup. It’s broke,” he tweeted. “Nothing I can really do until I’m home. All good. Been working entire time. I only cry like… 3 times a day. Maybe 4.”

Afterward, he finally did decide to go to the hospital and it wasn’t just one that was broken, but both of his feet.

Speaking with Insider, Jeffrey says that “I think I had, honestly, just shoes that weren’t very good and just jumping, landing a few times,” when he was asked how it happened in the first place.

“It started off as kind of nothing, a hairline fracture. And then it got worse. The bones in my heel aren’t smooth anymore.”

He went on, saying that he also put off the surgery to fix them.

“I was gonna have surgery in between the series and the new show,” he said. “I had like three months and I went to Spain to do a commercial.”

Jeffrey did have the surgery in May, while also suffering from a hernia, and shared a photo of himself recovering.

“I had to have surgery on that, and I’m like, ‘F*** it. My foot’s gonna have to survive,’” he said, adding that he’s “good” now.

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