Is Tom Macdonald’s ‘Sheeple’ His Best Protest Song Yet? (Yes!)

Tom Macdonald’s career is a middle finger aimed at the establishment.

The rapper’s name, aggressively plain in a genre known for extremes, is your first clue. His musical approach is similarly subversive.

No agent. No label. No big marketing team. Just his songs, girlfriend Nova Rockefeller‘s sublime videos and his ballooning fan base.

And then there’s tracks like “Snowflakes,” “Fake Woke,” “Brainwashed” and “Clown World.” There’s literally no one else like him in music today.

His latest track may draw the most cultural blood of anything he’s written before.

“Sheeple” savages so many targets it’s hard to know which one suffers the most. Macdonald’s rage against the elites couldn’t be more clear. It’s how they control the masses, and our inability to fight back, that’s his biggest enemy in the song.

The lyrics for “Sheeple” are more focused, and furious, than anything he’s penned before.


The truth has been so heavily politicized

Black folks who were never ever actual slaves
Fighting with white folks who ain’t actual Nazis

Big lies, defund the police so that there’s big crime
Then take away our freedom to restore order they let die


Next, Macdonald targets cultural overreach with blazing efficiency.

Change the pronouns, if gender is a spectrum, so is privilege
I know poor white folks and black celebrities with millions

He skewers Hollywood next, mocking its woke status and knee-jerk platitudes.

They endorse whatever narrative is popular to shout
And use minorities in movies for diversity clout

In just two lines the rapper excoriates those demanding we listen to the mainstream media … and nothing else. Plus, he slams attempts to censor speech by the Left.

If you agree, it’s free speech, disagree, it’s hate speech
Erase it if it came from anywhere except the mainstream

Next up? Team Fauci gets the Macdonald treatment.

Science been politicized, it’s easy to see
A mask became a symbol of which side you believe
But you’ll never cure a sickness ’til you cure all the greed
‘Cause the problem with our natural immunity is it’s free

Remember how Dr. Anthony Fauci played dumb when asked about natural immunity early in the pandemic? Macdonald does, and he’s probably not alone.

Later in the track he skewers our brain-dead tribalism.

Made everybody right or left, the hatred got so intense
If the other side likes oxygen, you’ll put a bag on your head

Next, he slams outlets quickly to label contrary views “conspiracy theories,” ignoring how many of them proved accurate. The pandemic lab leak theory comes rushing to mind, and the aforementioned natural immunity matter.

And the conspiracy theories labeled as misinformation
It’s just the terrifying truth that scares the hell out the nation
The system treating you like trash and you got rifles to aim with
Just imagine how they’ll treat you when your guns get confiscated

He’s no friend of modern journalism, either, typified by this lyrical kill shot against fraudulent sites like PolitiFact.

George Orwell, 1984 was his last lecture
George called ’em “thought police”, now we call ’em fact-checkers

The only problem with Macdonald’s “Sheeple?” How can he possibly top it?

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