Fans Praise Selena Gomez’s Natural Beauty After She Shares Several Makeup-Free Selfies

Selena Gomez is going bare-faced on social media, and fans cannot get enough of it!

The 30-year-old Rare Beauty founder, actress and pop star hopped on social media to share three makeup-free selfies on Wednesday (February 1). In them, she smiles softly for the camera with her hair in soft waves.

“Me,” she simply captioned the update, which fans noticed didn’t appear to feature any filters to blur perceived imperfections.

They rushed to the comments section to celebrate Selena‘s decision to embrace her natural beauty.

Check out Selena Gomez’s new pics inside…

“Finally a celebrity who shows herself without filters or masks of make up and she is truly beautiful, in a way than could help people (expecially girls) on understanding that we don’t need so many tricks to appear at our best, the most important thing is just being yourself and be proud on presenting you as you are,” one fan wrote. “I just would like to see more photos like this and less ‘photo set’, maybe social media could really help on knowing eachother, not just selling ourself in our better version even if it’s a fake. We count “likes” and views like they would be a valuation of our image like ‘globally accepted’, but the standard we follow is wrong.”

“The ability to be vulnerable and bare is a huge victory for anyone. Keep being your awesome, beautiful self,” another wrote.

“Beautiful inside and out ❤️ fantastic role model for the world,” yet another fan commented.

The post comes less than a month after Selena made a much-celebrated return to Instagram after a lengthy mental health break.

Do you know why Selena launched Rare Beauty? She opened up in a previous interview.

She also made an important revelation about her health recently.

Get a good look at Selena Gomez’s makeup free selfies below…

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