EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Shriya Saran reveals why she didn’t speak about her pregnancy, WATCH

Drishyam 2 is one of the most loved films of this year. The Ajay Devgn starrer was the sequel to the superhit film Drishyam. This film also starred Tabu, Shriya Saran, and others. We recently caught Shriya in an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla where she opened up about the film’s success, her professional front, and her personal life. She also spoke about having welcomed daughter Radha into her life and the reason why she hid the news of her pregnancy from everyone.

Shriya Saran on hiding the news of her pregnancy from everyone

Shriya Saran was asked about working mothers and does she think that being a celebrity things are changing for them where they are coming out and saying that they want to balance out both work and their families. To this the Drishyam 2 star replied, “no there is a lot of fear. I feel one of the main reasons why I did not speak about my pregnancy was of course that I wanted to make it as my own time and spend time with myself and have those 6 months with Radha and be fat and whatever and not worry about what people write about me and just concentrate on my child. So one strong reason was that. But the other reason was that I was scared that if I speak about my pregnancy people will take that much longer time to come back and give me work.”

Shriya Sara further added, “It’s a visual medium and people expect you to look a certain way and so when I came back and spoke about my pregnancy, I was already working. So I had already signed like 3 films. Radha was 9 months old and I had already shed all my pregnancy weight. There is that pressure. It is a visual medium. Acting is all about looks also and also about how you act but also about how you look because people see you on the big screen. So was I concerned? Yes, I was. And getting back to work they never ask the hero ‘oh how are you gonna act now that you have a child?’ I mean I think we need to be grateful to all their wives because it’s because of them that they go back to work. Like I mean all these hardworking women who are making their homes making sure their children are fine so that the men can go to work. And especially so in the acting profession, you don’t have a schedule. So if you are an actor you are working odd hours and it’s the wives who are taking care of the children. But they don’t ask the man that. Although I think parenting is 50-50. But women are asked non-stop and the reason I was not asked this question was because they did not know I was pregnant. Only the people that I was working with, I told them, ‘listen…maybe you are not okay with it but I have a baby’… and I was very lucky. Drishyam they were all so sweet. They would always make sure that Radha was with me when I was shooting in goa or anytime or I could bring her on set if I wanted to and they were so sweet. The whole production was so nice and they gave me full support.”

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