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Helena Fischer founder of Cheerings


‘ Until you experience caring for someone with dementia, or any kind of illness or condition, you don’t know what to expect or do,’ says Helena Fischer, a brand consultant whose mother has dementia, ‘ Often you are left knowing your loved one is suffering, it will only get worse and that is tough.’ Given the circumstances (her dad had died suddenly, two years previously), Helena and her sister had to learn how to care for their mother, ‘ I was lucky that I didn’t have to give up work, but over a number of years – until it became clear it wasn’t safe for mum to live in our family home – we needed to shift our lives to help her live her previously independent day-to-day.’

This experience introduced 50-year-old Helena to the wider world of unpaid carers, of all ages (there are an estimated 13.6 million unpaid carers in the UK). ‘ It made me realise how life-limiting and difficult it is for so many people in the same position; with all different types of challenges. Many care for loved ones alone and that’s why the work and message of the Carers UK charity is so important.’ In November 2022, she decided to do something about it. In order to support carers and ‘bring a little cheer to every ear’, she launched Cheerings a website selling a selection of new and vintage earrings, with 10% of profits going to Carer’s UK.

The small collection features an eclectic range of designs, from chic clip-ons to sparkly studs and colourful chandeliers (all around the £20 mark). There is also the option to buy vintage, including some retro-tastic door-knockers and faux pearls – perfect if you prefer to shop second hand.


Three cheers for Cheerings!



Research by Helen Johnson.

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