19 Valentine’s Day Gift Cards and Subscriptions 2023

There’s still time to finalize your Valentine’s Day plans, and if you’re hunting for thoughtful last-minute gifts, may we suggest some Valentine’s Day gift cards and subscriptions? Sure, hitting “send” on a subscription or digital gift card the morning of may seem like taking the lazy way out, but so long as you’re being thoughtful about what you’re selecting (and have some bulletproof reasoning behind it), we’re firmly of the belief that a physical gift isn’t always necessary. And it’ll probably trump any hastily written card or cheapo box of chocolates you picked up at the grocery store.

Here, some of the best Valentine’s Day gift cards and subscriptions that will ensure you don’t completely blow it this year. They also have the bonus of looking like they required some critical thinking skills—and many are consistent GQ recommendations. Their favorite wine, on repeat? Our very own Best Stuff box stuffed to the gills with quality skincare products, accessories, and apparel? A primo movie subscription that means no more online bootlegs on date nights in?…Now, that’s amore.

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